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If you have ever used one of the Cake Pop Pans you most likely have experienced the ‘run over’ that occurs when the pops bake.  The Cake Pop Pan is a two part pan that has a bottom and a top that each contain round indentations.  The Cake Batter is poured into the bottom section and the top section is placed over the filled bottom.  The reason for the bottom is that when the batter rises, the top portion will also be rounded instead of flat.  The top portion of the pan has a small hole in each indentation to allow excess batter to emerge.  When and ef the excess batter emerges, you end up with pieces of cake baked on the outside of the pan.  Sometimes these are very small and crisp, but other times they are pretty good sized.


Oh dear!  What to do with those little pieces!  Aha!  A solution is at hand.  Make ‘Over the Top’ Trifle. 

Trifle is an English Dessert that is usually made with Sponge Cake or any other type of Cake.  It is best that the Cake pieces become stale or dried out because there is a good deal of moisture added to the cake pieces.  Once all the other ingredients are added, it becomes Trifle or a Cake Pudding.  To make the Trifle, just follow the directions below.

First of all the recipe is located at over-the-top-chcolate-trifle/

You will need:

Cake Scraps

Chocolate Runovers


Chocolate Milano Syrup


Whipped Cream


Mini-Marshmallows (optional)

Mini-Chocolate Chips (optional)


To Make the Trifle:


Use Chocolate Run-Overs or any Cake that is several days old and which has been cut into small pieces.

Choc. Runovers
Syrup Added to Moisten the Cake Pieces












Moisten with the Chocolate Syrup;  allow to stand for at least half an hour to allow time for the Cake pieces to absorb the Syrup.

Add the Marshmallows to the Cake Mixture.



Add the Marshmallows

Fold in the Whipped Cream.


Transfer to a serving dish or individual dishes.

Garnish with the Mini-Chocolate Chips.


Voila!  You have your dessert made from scraps!  Very easy and very deliciouis!


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