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Today is Cream Cheese Brownie Day!  You can try my easy recipe at   /brownies/cream-cheese-brownies/ and use the photos below as a guide.


First of all assemble all your ingredients and equipment.  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and set the rack at the middle position.


To mix the Batters, you can use an ordinary mixing bowl and wooden spoon or you can do what I did and use your Food Processor.  The nice thing about using the Food Processor is that you make the Cream Cheese Batter first and the Chocolate Batter second so that you do not have to wash out the bowl between the Cream Cheese and Chocolater Batters.

Spray your baking pan with a Vegetable Spray or lightly coat with butter or shortening.


Make your Cream Cheese Batter by combining the softened Cream Cheese with the Sugar, Eggs, Flour and Vanilla.  Beat very well until all the Cream Cheese has been combined with the other ingredients.

Pour the Cream Cheese Batter into the prepared pan.


Cream Cheese Batater in the Pn

Next make the Chocolate Batter.  Transfer the Chocolate Batter to the top of the Cream Cheese Batter and then Swirl the Chocolate Batter into the Cream Cheese Batter.  A pair of Chopsticks is a good tool for this or use a narrow bladed spatula.


Chocolate Batter added to the Cream Cheese Batter


Swirl the Chocolate Batter into the Cream Cheese Batter


Next place in the oven and make for 35-45 minutes – depending on your oven and the material you pan is made of. Normally if baking in a class dish, the oven temperature should be lowered 25 degrees, but I usually don’t do that.   A toothpick inserted in the middle should come out clean when the Brownies are done.


Baked Cream Cheese Brownies



The recipe make a lot of Brownies so if you don’t have a large family or are not having a party and don’t want to freeze the extra, just divide the recipe in half.  To divide the 5 eggs called for in the Cream Cheese Batter, use 2 Jumbo Eggs instead of large eggs.

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