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October is ‘National Apple Month’ so I decided to look up and see how many different kinds of Apples there are.  Wow, I did not expect to find the number I did – there are literally dozens and maybe hundreds – the only letter in the Alphabet that does not bear the name of an Apple is  ”X”.  There are numerous kinds of Apples for each and every letter, however most of us are familiar with only a small number of them.

 The most common Apples are the Red and Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Pippins and Granny Smith.  The best for eating are the Delicious, of course and the Gala and Fuji.  The best for baking are Granny Smith and Pippins.  The last two are not terribly sweet and have a firm flesh which lends them well to baked goods such as pies and pastries.  For cooking and Applesauce the Winesap and Gravensteins are excellent.  

My favorite use for Apples is to make Pie and of course, there is nothing as American as ‘Apple Pie’. I also love Apple Turnovers made with Puff Pastry.  Puff Pastry is a pain to make but you can purchase frozen Puff Pastry Sheets which work very well.  You can also use Pie Crust or even Yeast Dough for your Turnovers Shells.

There are also many other ways in which we can use Apples and so I am going to explore some of them here and reference several really great recipes.  The first one is for Apple Bread – what a good way to use up those Apples from your tree or even the ones you bought.   You can even use Applesauce.  Try the referenced recipe. This recipe makes two to three loaves, depending on the size of the pans you use.  You can also make Muffins from the same recipe.  If there is too much for your family to consume at one time, these loaves freeze well or you can share them with your friends.

Apple Pie can be made in various ways – there are French Apple Pies with a streusel topping and then there are the traditional ‘American’ type Apple Pies with both a bottom and a top crust.  The referenced recipe is for a French Apple Pie  which always easy to make because there is only a bottom crust and you don’t have to worry about getting the top crust to fit and look beautiful.

Apple Turnovers are absolutely my favorite way to go!  You can eat them out of hand without utensils;  they are good for Breakfasts on the Go  or for snacks or Desserts.     You can use Puff Pastry or Pie Crust or any of your favorite pastry doughs.

Apple Brown Betty is an old fashioned dish which can also be used for dessert or for Breakfast.  There is no Pie Crust to worry about, just a cumbly topping.  It is fast and easy to make and is great with Vanilla Ice Cream or Whipped Cream on top.

Caramel Apples are one of my favorite ways to eat Apples.  I love Apples and I love Caramel and nothing goes better together than Apples and Caramel.  And since Halloween is this Month what better treat than Caramel Apples to share with the kids.  This recipe is simple to make and the Apples are fun to eat.  The best Apples to use for Caramel Apples are Granny Smith or Golden Delicious.  Pippins are also good, but make sure that they are somewhat ripe or they will be to tart to eat, even with the Caramel.

Remember, October is ‘National Apple Month’ and there is no better time to buy and eat Apples than now.  Even better is if you can pick your own, either from your own trees or nearby orchards.  Play around and experiment – Apples are a wondrous fruit and don’t forget ‘An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away’.  Try a different Apple Recipe for the Month of October – ‘National Apple Month’.  And another reason for eating and using them now is that later on, the Apples you buy will all have been in cold storage which makes them mealy and less tasty.  So take advantage of ‘National Apple Month.  

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