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 October is ‘National Apple Month and what better time to talk about, eat and use Apples in Desserts, Snacks and Meals.  Here is an Alphabetical list of some of the Apples available.  There are so many, it is almost impossible to be able to keep track of them all.  We all have our favorites but it may be fun to try a new one or two.  Keep on eye for some of the ones listed below.  There is at least one for every letter of the Alphabet except for the letter ‘X’.  If anyone knows of an Apple beginning with an ‘X’, please let me know.  At the end of this list are links to Apple Recipes in this Blog.

  • A      Ambrosia, Anna Apple
  • B      Beverly Hills, Burgundy
  • C      Crab Apples, Cameo, Captain Kidd, Candy Crisp
  • D      Delicious, Dawn, Davey, Dayton
  • E      Epicure
  • F      Fuji
  • G     Granny Smith, Gravenstein, Golden Delicious, Gala
  • H     Hayes, Hampshire, Hawaii
  • I       Irish Peach, Idared
  • J      jonathan, Jonagold, Jester, John, Jonadel
  • K     Kary, Kent, Katya, Keepsake
  • L      Lady, Liberty, Limelight
  • M     McIntosh, Maiden’s Blush, Macon
  • N     Nectar, Niagra, Norfolk
  • O     Oliver, Opal, Ontario
  • P     Pippin, Pink Lady, Pacific Rose, Pacific Beauty
  • Q     Quebec Bell, Queen Cox
  • R     Razor Russet, Red Delicious, Red Baron
  • S     Scarlet, Scarlet Surprise, Scarlet O’Hara
  • T     Taylor, Telstar, Tickled Pink
  • W    Winesap, Waltz, Wellington
  • X
  • Y    Yates, Yellow Transparent, York Imperial
  • Z    Zari, Zest





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