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Here is a recipe that is fun to make and delicious to eat and is good for any time of the year – especially for all Chocolate Lovers.  This is a multi-layered Brownie that is composed of a layer of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, a layer of Oreos, a layer of Fudge Brownies and interspersed with Caramel Corn and Mini-Marshmallows.  When I made this recipe I used Oreo Thins but soon found out that the White ‘Stuff’ Icing in the middle wasn’t thick enough to show up in the ‘Over the Top Brownies’ when they were cut so we switched to Double Stuff Brownies.


Here is what you will need to make this delectable Chocolate Treat:

1 batch of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

16 Double Stuff Oreos

1 Batch of Fudge Brownies

Caramel Corn*





  1. Make your Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and spread on the bottom of a greased  9 x 9 x 2 Inch Baking Pan.  (Deeper is fine too)


Chocolate-Chip-Cookie Dough-in-Pan



2.  Layer the Oreos evenly over the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Oreos Added



3.  Scatter some Candy Corn over the Cookies.  (optional)




Candy Corn on top of Oreos



4.  Next make the Fudge Brownie Batter and spread over the Oreos.



Brownie layer with                  Marshmallows on top



5.  The photo above shows the Mini-Marshmallows scattered over the Brownie Batter.  Before I baked it I had a change of heart and mixed the Marshmallows into the Brownie mixture so they wouldn’t burn.  My student who made this same recipe with me on Saturday decided to put the Candy Corn and the Marshmallows on top during the last 5 minutes of baking.  While this gives a nice browned Marshmallow finish, she did not scatter the marshmallows over the whole dish.  Doing so would have given the whole thing a much nicer appearance.


Mayas Version
Cut Brownies with Oreo Thins



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