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Friday night, 11/13 was our Teen/Preteen ‘Winter Comfort Food’ Class.

Twelve young people between the ages of 10 & 16 gathered together to learn how to prepare and cook a menu for cold Winter nights.

Creative Vegetable Soup

Jeweled Meat Loaf

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Cheesy Broccoli Casserole


Apple Crisp

The students were divided up into groups depending on their skill level.  Four students who had never made yeast dough before were put in charge of the Foccacia with of course, a supervising adult to guide them through the process.  They made the Dough and then set it aside to rise.  The actual Foccacia was made from a risen dough that had been made before the class started.  Once the Dough was fitted into the Baking Pans and topped with Olive Oil, Herbs and Tomatoes, and Cheese the Bread went into the oven for baking.


The Foccacia Team




The Dough that the students made was divided up and given to the students that made it to take home and finish.  They were told that they could make either Pizza, Foccacia or Breadsticks with it.

Two of the girls made the Apple Crisp.  This involved peeling, coring and slicing about 10 Apples and combining them with spices and other ingredients.  A streusel topping was made to go on top of the Apples.  This dish was baked while the rest of the food was being made.

Two other students started the Soup.  This is a wonderful Vegetable Soup that can be made with most any kind of Vegetables and Beef, Chicken or Vegetable Broth.  Even though we generally advise the students to mise en place their recipes before they start cooking, the rule was changed for this recipe so that the soup would be done in time for the students to eat it.  The Onions and Mushrooms were prepared first so that they could start sautéing them. While the Onions and Mushrooms cooked, the other Vegetables were prepared.  After the Onions and Mushrooms were sufficiently cooked to start caramelizing them, the Stock was added and the whole mixture was allowed to simmer for about 45 minutes.  Then the seasonings were added along with the remaining Vegetables.  Once the Vegetables were almost cooked sufficiently, the tiny pasta was added.

While all this was being done, the Meatloaf was prepared by two different groups of students.  One group put all the Vegetables into their Meatloaf and one group who preferred not to have Bell Peppers, put all the Vegetables, except for the Bell Peppers into their loaf.


Meatloaf Team
Cooked Meatloaf




While the Meatloaf was baking in the oven, the    Cheesy Broccoli Casserole was prepared and baked.  This dish does not take too long to bake.  Once the students were done cooking, the tables were cleared and set with placemats and dinnerware and the soup and Foccacia were served.  After the first course, the Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli was also served and of course, dessert finally came at the end.


Sitting down to Eat
















Soup and Foccacia











The beverages for this meal were fruit juices and water.  All in all, everyone had a good time and learned how to make several different dishes. Everyone took home recipes so that they could practice at home on family members.  Keep an eye out for our next Teen/Preteen Class at Let’s Get Cookin’.  February will be a Dim Sum Menu to celebrate the Chinese New Year ‘The Year of the Dragon’.

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