Baking Bread Cooking for Kids Main Pastry Pre-Teen Classes



DAY ONE –  French & Italian Bread

Country French Bread Team














Italin Foccacia – with sun-dried tomatoes, basil & Fresh Mozarella







We also made French Baguettes, an Italian   Country Corn Loaf and a French Corn Loaf in addition to Quick Chocolate Bread from France.





Lunch – Cold Cuts were served with the Bread the Student made as well as Vegetable sides. The beverage was Italian Sodas.



DAY TWOScandinavian Cookies


Norwegian Cherry Cookies
Mary with Swedish Jam Cookies












Making Krumkake



J.J., Dean, Kevin & Tristan – on Cookie Day


Krumkake is a Norwegian Waffle-like Cookie similar to an Italian Pizzelle but the Iron is much thinner, thereby producing a thinner cookie.


Fatigman are also Norwegian in origin.  They are a fried cookie – the name translates to Poorman’s Cookie, but the ingredients are certainly not those of a poor man.  They are rich in butter, eggs and cream.


Danish Meringue Cookies



Grace & Tristan…

  Grace, Tristan & Jeanette


DAY THREEAustrian, Russian & German Pastries

Viennese Chocolate Nut Torte












Fruit Kuchen from Austria


DAY FOURSouth American Savories & Sweets

Panquecas Estufa with Tomato Sauce – (Stuffed Pancakes)


Cheese Empadhinas



Tristan, Jeanette, Megan & Grace with

 Empanadas they made








DAY FIVEUnited States


Strawberry Shortcake & Beignets


Kevin sugaring the Beignets —–>











Lunch Time



















Additional Photos




Morgan & Kendal












Jeanette & Grace
First at the Table






















Anticipating Lunch

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